About me

Why I'm so great

My name is Rafael Dutra and I’m a nice guy. I was born at 2901 from some year and I’m a Sysadmin and DevOps enthusiast.

Currently I’m living at Porto Alegre/RS but I’m from Lajeado/RS and I lived my whole life at Estrela/RS, that is 120km far from Porto Alegre/RS.

I’m single and really love video games, mainly RPG and FPS and I have some games that I bring with to me until this day, like Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII e IX.

I’ve been working or I had been worked with that we called: a little bit from everything, but what I really enjoy is to automate e see things working with just a command or a mouse click.

Here’s my contacts:

Thank you.

Rafael Dutra.