Rafael Dutra

Brazilian, single.
Porto Alegre/RS
Email: [email protected]

Personal Statement

More than 13 years of experience in Information Technology, Network Administration, Infrastructure analysis, working especially with GNU/Linux.

More than 3 years working with PHP development and frameworks (Laravel and Codeigniter), Vagrant, Bower, Composer and Git.

In the last 2 years, I’ve been working mainly on Infrastructure automation (Infra as Code) and containerization with Docker.

Work Experience

Stefanini | IT Solutions and IT Staffing (https://stefanini.com)

Technology company - Porto Alegre/RS
Aug/2018 - Present

The main goal is bring new customers using automation (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery) and Cloud Computing.

Jive Software (https://jivesoftware.com)

Jive Software is now a part of Aurea Company (https://aurea.com)
Technology company - Portland - Oregon - United States.
Jan/2018 - Jul/2018

Working remotely as independent contractor for Crossover.

My main goal was to reduce cost at AWS and learn internal tools used in the company to provide support.

PoaTek IT Consulting (http://poatek.com)

Technology company - Porto Alegre/RS
Oct/2016 - Jan/2018

Working on site for AGCO (Agriculture Corporation).

AGCO - IT Specialist
AGCO Projects

Puppet - Configuration Management This project was developed from scratch, since the creation of a functional environment in localhost to developers and operator could recreate the whole infrastructure managed using Puppet, until it get to the environments, like development, staging and production.

Documentation of process, like:

  • Mounting points
  • Create new environments
  • Code deployment by operators in production with puppet apply command, using Continuous Delivery
  • Create new machines with specific modules
  • Code deployment with r10k
  • How to create new Puppet servers using Puppet

Developed codes:

Tools like Vagrant, Shell Scripts in Ruby were the great pillars for the project become viable.

All the developed code to automate environment was thinked in how to bring benefits for operators and development team.

Oracle automation using Docker for development
In this case, the demand was build a tool for developers creating scripts for Oracle, where those scripts had to pass for some pipelines until it get to production using Bamboo (Continuous integration tool).

Bamboo using Docker
Many of our projects used Docker for build the application developed by other companies. Our main problem was to create the same environment used in development to production like plugins and packages dependencies.

Shell Scripts environments
In some cases, we could not use some tools for configuration management, so I wrote scripts for environments to install and configure some tools, like: Nginx, CouchDB, Spring Boot module (Java) environment, ActiveMQ.


  • 20171 – Information Technology Security
    UNISINOS - São Leopoldo/RS. Not completed.

  • 2010120112 – Network Computers
    Centro de Tecnologia em Automação e Informática, Florianópolis/SC, SENAI/SC. Not completed.

  • 2008120091 – Information Technology Security
    UNISINOS - São Leopoldo/RS. Not completed.

  • 2004120071 – Network Computers Certificate
    Escola Estadual de Educação Profissional em Estrela, Estrela/RS. Finished.


  • Intermediate English for writing and speaking.
  • Advanced English for listening and reading.


  • 20182 - Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers - Udemy
  • 20182 - DevOps Foundation - Estabilis - São Paulo/SP.
  • 20182 - AWS hands on - Estabilis - São Paulo/SP.
  • 20171 - Puppet Fundamentals - Instruct - São Paulo/SP (24 hours) - Agenda.
  • 20122 - Lean Software Development - WildTech - Porto Alegre/RS.
  • 20112 - Accessing the WAN - Cisco Networking Academy - Florianópolis/SC
  • 20111 - Lan Switching and Wireless - Cisco Networking Academy (recommendation letter) - Florianópolis/SC.
  • 20102 - Routing Protocols and Concepts - Cisco Networking Academy (recommendation letter) - Florianópolis/SC.
  • 20101 - Network Fundamentals - Cisco Networking Academy (recommendation letter) - Florianópolis/SC.



Vagrant Boxes

Docker Hub images



  • 2018/05/30 - 14° Docker Meetup - SENAC - Porto Alegre/RS
  • 2017/07/26 - Microservices and Docker - PUC - Porto Alegre/RS
  • 2017/06/20 - 10º Docker Meetup - PUC - Porto Alegre/RS
  • 2017/02/09 - The news about Docker 1.13 - PUC - Porto Alegre/RS
  • 2017/01/16 - 12º Continuous Delivery - PUC - Porto Alegre/RS

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