Puppet Fundamentals

In the training, the studens will learn to manage infrastructure in the right way. They will learn the best pratices and use Puppet to write classes and modules, in addition to using existents modules. The learning is to use a production environment workflow infrastructure, using source control management with git exhaustively.


  • Fundamental components of Puppet Enterprise (and Puppet Open Source).
  • Using Puppet on Linux and Windows.
  • Fundamental conceps of the language and modeling of Puppet, like:
    • Modules and classes.
    • Classification.
    • Resources.
    • Relantionships.
  • Language construction.
  • Nodes classifications.
  • Separation between logic and apresentation using Templates.
  • Model repetitives portions of your configuration using defined types (defined resource types).
  • The foundation to build more complex configurations using advanced concepts classes.
    • Parametrized classes.
    • Inheritance introduction.
    • Introduction to separate data using Hiera.
    • Classification using parametrized classes.
  • Using official Puppet Forge modules supported.
  • Introduction to the pattern Roles and Profiles.
  • Advance laboratory with module development that manage Apache, PHP, MySQL and Wordpress.